Nani, Anderson and Cristiano Ronaldo Screwing Up Owen Hargreaves Interview

June 3, 2008

I just saw this video on Youtube and it totally made me laugh. While, I’m not usually one to just post a cheap vid, fire this bitch up and fast forward it to about 2:15 and watch the piss-take begin.


Video Highlights: Blackburn Draw Manchester United Thanks to Twelfth Man Rob Styles

April 19, 2008

I’m sitting in the lobby of the Summit hotel in Whistler and I’m laptopless so I’m spending like 2 bucks every 15 minutes to type this out. You bastards are lucky I try this hard. Anyways, I watched the game with my girl over a pint of 9 am lager at the Dubb Linh Gate and while the eggs benedict was solid, the football on display was epicly frustrating.

I seriously cannot believe how many calls went Blackburn’s way. I must have pissed off anybody sittint next to me because I was bitching nonstop during the whole game about how Styles was obviously going Blackburn’s way on pretty much absolutely every call. Really shitty stuff. I can point to at least two clear handballs in the box and that insane kick that Rooney took in the stomach from Steven Reid also happened in the box. People are saying Rooney dived in the game, but I think I’m going to have to go Arsene Wenger on this one and say “I did not see ze incideent.” If it is indeed true, it’s difficult to admit that Rooney dived but he’s gonna have to cut it out if the naysayers are actually correct.

Seriously though, how determined was Rob Styles to ensure that this one went Blackburn (and ultimately Chelsea)’s way. You can tell that he wants to keep things interesting for next week and yeah, now Chelsea are only three points back. I’m gonna have to put a warning out to all chav’s though- United are ending your 100 game unbeaten home streak next week. Mark my fucking words.

Here’s Santa Cruz’s goal. It’s on Youtube which means it likely won’t be online long. If the embedded vids don’t work, you can watch ’em here at 1000 Goals.

Santa Cruz scored fair and square. It was a quality finish. It seems like Evra and Vidic had a real moment of miscommunication.

And then you have Scholes playing a delightful flick on to Tevez who finished with real quality. Watch the United fan jumping with them after he rushes the pitch. It was likely worth the tackling.

I predict big things against Barcelona midweek. I have a feeling that we’re going to put the tie to bed in the first game. Just you watch.

And Chelsea next week… We’re going to tear you a new asshole.

Video Highlights Compilation: A Tribute to Manchester United’s Ji-Sung Park

April 10, 2008

You know, I’m willing to admit that in the past I’ve given Park a bit of stick for being “average.” I’m also willing to come right out and admit that I’m completely wrong. In the limited role he has played this season, Ji-Sung park has proven (to me and seemingly the footballing public in general) that he really is a top-drawer player that Manchester United need to hold onto. His first season or two has been dotted with some consistent, yet underwhelming performances set amidst the odd goal or assist. The past few games have seen Park step up and show that while the ante has truly been upped this year at OT in many respects, he has upped the ante for the rest of the team the only way he can- his work rate. We’ve always known that he will go out and run the whole game and never stop, I really didn’t think you could have a higher work rate than Park and yet he’s come out this season and shown (despite injury) that he can raise his game in a similar way that Rooney and Ronaldo have raised their games. They’ve taken what they do best and added a slight tweak to it. Allow me to explain…

Ronaldo was always good at playmaking and running at defenders. This season he’s taken those two incredible qualities and added a further element to it- a striker’s keen eye for goal. He scores goals that a midfielder scores, that a winger scores, and the goals you’d see coming from an old-fashioned center forward.

Rooney is a true English forward, in lieu of a striker. While he’s always been able to score goals, his vision, off-the-ball movement and ability to charge through large groups of defenders (while still retaining possession) are his true calling cards. This season, he’s upped the ante by adding an enhanced ability to set up moves and distribute the ball better in danger areas. His assist tally serves as testament to this and I’m willing to argue that with anybody. Rooney has maintained his usual goalscoring form and has been producing his high-impact physical style on a regular basis, yet he has added a further level of creativity and vision that goes beyond merely doing incredible feats himself. He has helped his other teammates start to score more goals. Ronaldo would not have his sickening strike rate without Wayne Rooney standing in tandem. The two of them are the world’s best footballing duo- bar none.

Seriously- name me two players who strike more terror into the hearts of opposing fans when they’ve caught a team on the break and are charging in at full speed in a 2 on 1 or 2 on 2 scenario.

And so, we come to Park. He hasn’t had a full-season, but he has also added something else to his game this year- exemplified in his recent run of matches. The ability to get behind defenders consistently and play a game-breaking pass. You saw it at Boro and you saw it against Roma. In past seasons he would be closing down defenders in their own half and chasing the ball all over the pitch, but this season he has, quite possibly, perfected a Solksjaer-like ability to be in the right place at the right time- something you can’t really be taught. He has upped the ante along with Rooney, Ronaldo and even the likes of Ferdinand- who has added a steely confidence and you don’t see any of the casualness that used to plague many performances.

I’ve grabbed a few Park videos that I think really point out what I’m talking about in reference to the new dimension he’s added to his bag of footballing tricks.

Here’s one from right in the stands. It’s from last season, and you can see him just spring up in the exactly right spot, without straying offside, and scoring a very Solkjaer like goal to seal this one for United.

This is a sweet compilation of some of his other stuff. It’s cut a bit rough, but it backs up a lot of what I said above. Look at how he just throws himself at opponents.

I like the music on this one. Kidding.

The other nice thing I’ve noticed too is that there’s plenty of videos on youtube of Park signing autographs. Seems like a nice guy.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez score as Manchester United pound Wigan 4-0. Check out the highlight video!

October 7, 2007

Well, Fergie pretty much called it didn’t he? He knew that the floodgates would open eventually (even I’ve been hinting at it) and there we go, the lads go and put four past Wigan, who were absolutely shell-shocked by the end of it. We definitely picked up our share of injuries with Saha calling it quits in the warm-up, Vidic and John O’Shea went off as well. To be honest, I wouldn’t be especially concerned except for possibly O’Shea. Vidic only has a concussion and seriously, how hard is that guy? Do you think a concussion will slow him down for long? we’re lucky it isn’t more serious, but I don’t think its anything Nemanja can’t handle.

So, to the goals.

Tevez’ Goal

Tevez rounded off a really great passing move with one of the most composed finishes I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He’s not known for his pace, but he was certainly able to beat the Wigan defender to the ball and tell me he didn’t one-up Cristiano Ronaldo’s move from last week against Birmingham, not only did Tevez round the keeper (twice), but he also fired past three men. Anderson played a perfect through pass and now I know what people are talking about when they say that Anderson is THE creative midfielder. Cristiano Ronaldo, however, was not to be outdone.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal

This one was really more down to Kirkland’s failure to catch the ball than anything else. Ronaldo took it perfectly though, stealthily moving off the ball, somehow knowing exactly where it would land and just pushing it into the back of the net like it was nothing. This goal, coming four minutes after the first, effectively killed off Wigan.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second goal

This goal was similar to the first in that it was a through ball played to a striker while Wigan was on the run from a counter-attack. However, Rooney drifted out to the left and then hit a spectacular first-time pass to tee up Ronaldo with the easiest of shots. Those two make it look easy and this goal was vaguely reminiscent of their counter-attacking exploits against Everton last year. Personally, I think that goes down as the best counter attacking goal of all time. This one didn’t have the audacious back-heel to turn a freekick into a goal, but it did have a superb pass from Pique to play Rooney into space. Pique and Danny Simpson made big impressions today. I think those guys are ready to move into the side. Over the next few years, expect Simpson to give Wes Brown a run for his money on the right, while Pique looks a solid deputy for the Vidic/Ferdinand cabal.

Wayne Rooney’s goal

This was Danny Simpson’s dream debut, setting up a goal with a Gary Neville-style move. That was a pinpoint cross, he saw Rooney was in space and he played a high, slow ball with just enough backspin right to him. Rooney’s finish was a confident and powerful one and he looked delighted to slot home two in two games.

Think about it, look who scored- the exact people we expect to score. Rooney and Tevez played a full game together and each bagged a goal, Cristiano Ronaldo is now well on his way to topping last year’s 23 goals, which for a winger is absolutely incredible. As our players figure out the best way to incorporate these genuinely outstanding new players we’ve purchased into our existing system, you can only expect that things will get better. I will take Hargreaves being out for a bit early in the season, as he will be fresher later in the season once he’s back to full-fitness. He will be an important player (more important than many people think) in the March/April battles we’ll be facing at the Emirates, Anfield, and probably a few choice locations in Italy or Spain.

I say bring ’em on.

Chelsea self-destruct as Manchester United beat them 2-0! Check out the highlights!

September 24, 2007

My oh my! A shambles from the Chavs as Avram Grant’s first game in charge sees Chelsea produce arguably their worst performance since the Ranieri days. Me and my girlfriend both got up early to watch the match (in western Canada, the matches start at 7 or 8 am) and we were definitely not disappointed. It’s unfortunate that so much attention was levied on Mike Dean and his relatively weak officiating because, personally, I thought our lads did an incredible job- especially in the opening 30 minutes. That Pete Gill moron over at Football365 said that Fergie’s comment that our first 30 minutes was the best we’d played all year served as a testament as to just how bad we’d been. Fuck that guy and his gooner-bias. Our defence didn’t concede a shot on target, let alone a goal. Carrick had his best game of the year and he really does bring a different element to our game. A much more complete player than David Beckham ever was, Carrick can play lazer-guided long balls, but can also beat a man and (gasp) defend. Even better, we don’t have to stick this guy out wide- he can play in central midfield.

Tevez got off the mark deep in first-half injury time and he made the chavs pay for some of those sloppy clearances. A diving header right in front of the Stretford End- not a bad way to open your United account eh?

Vidic was absolutely immense and worked well in tandem with Ferdinand again. Rio didn’t have a single calamity moment and his distribution was key throughout the entire match. Ronaldo unsettled Chelsea’s defence, while Rooney would have scored in the 2nd minute against virtually any other keeper in the league except for perhaps Shay Given.

It really must be emphasized what an absolutely shit manager that Avram Grant is. He’s about as qualified to manage in England as I am and every single move he made I called 10 minutes before. Starting with Shevchenko alone up-front indicates that Abramovich wants somebody managing the team that he can influence entirely. There’s no way in the goddamn universe that Andriy Shevchenko can handle Man U’s backline by himself. Starting with Pizarro and Shevchenko would have been much smarter, but we can’t take away the thunder from the Russian contingent can we? Andriy Shevchenko is the biggest waste of money in the history of the Premier League, trumping our own idiotic purchase of Seba Veron.

Saha’s penalty was a penalty. Fact. Yeah, he went to ground easy, but Ben Haim committed a sloppy foul in the box and Saha capitalized. If it was Shevchenko hurling himself to the ground in the 89th minute in the exact same set of circumstances, Chelsea fans would be calling Grant a tactical genius. Or at least texting each other saying “Grnt iz fkin’ brlnt ennit!”

John Terry should have been red-carded as well for attempting to hold down the referee’s arm when he was trying red-card Obi Mikel (karma’s a bitch eh Jon?).

While I am too smart to write off a team after one shitty performance, Chelsea had better shape-up and fast. I always liked Jose Mourinho and I was sad to see him go. Although it may be hard to believe, in January, Roman Abramovich could be saying the exact same thing.

English Premier League Video Highlights Matchday 1 07/08

August 12, 2007

Yesterday’s (and today’s) Best goals.

Michael Chopra Goal Sunderland vs Tottenham 1-0

Anelka’s goal for Bolton at Newcastle: 3-1 for the Magpies

Man City over West Ham: Geovanni’s goal

Aston Villa sunk by Pool 2-1

Manchester United may not sign Tevez… yet… So, what now?

July 12, 2007

With the news on the Tevez front getting seemingly more depressing by the day, I can’t help but be the first to ask- what now? Are we even gonna sign the guy? Should we just cut our losses now and try to move for somebody else or are we willing to wait until January or worse, July?

I seriously think Tevez does not want to go back to West Ham and I heard a rumor somewhere that the Hammer’s have already evicted Tevez and the 11 members of his family that live with him from their London hotel and yet the Egg (ert Magnusson) refuses to acknowledge anything about a possible Tevez transfer and it leaves me wondering how much the guy actually knows about football.

Have Man Utd tapped up Tevez inadvertantly? Does this effectively prove Sheffield United’s point that West Ham stayed in the Premiership illegally this term? West Ham insists they own Tevez’s registration and the FA obviously share that opinion, but Kia Joorabchian insists that the deal is going to be done through him and the deal itself is complete. Honestly ask yourself who would know more in this situation- a biscuit-billionaire and his lawyers or Carlos goddamn Tevez and his management people…. I guess what I’m asking is why would Joorabchian and Co. claim to represent Tevez when they don’t (according to West Ham and the FA).  That’s the really sketchy question here…

Man Utd’s people aren’t stupid and they obviously knew who to approach in regards to Tevez’s transfer if you know what I mean.

Does anybody else think that right now there might be a tiny little chance that we might see Paddy Kenny & the rest of the blades back in the Prem next year? I know it’s a long shot, but if this proves that West Ham really never had Tevez’s registration sorted, what would the repercussions be? My guess is either a 30 point points deduction to start the next season or a straight swap with the Blades. How stupid would Neil Warnock look then?

How much would everybody laugh at Craig Bellamy and his Championship-playing-in-ass.

God, so what would happen to Tevez if West Ham got relegated for never having held his registration in the first place, would be even really be eligible for a work permit anymore? Seriously, this thing is extremely onion-like in the peeling off the layers and the stinking and such. But I really do hope Carlos winds up at United, I think he’s just what we need- a proven solo match winner. If he can keep that shitty West Ham squad in the Premership single handedly he can certainly score at least 20 with us next year and obviously he wants to come… His managers want him to come… We all want him at Man U if the deal is above board… It seems like the only people who don’t want to let him leave are West Ham and do you think maybe that’s because they aren’t gonna see any of that 30 million pounds and be out one world-class striker?

Think about it