Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving Manchester United? Don’t Bet on It

June 2, 2008

The whole Ronaldo thing is really quite simple and there’s three different ways it’s going to get resolved. All of them depend on the motivation of why, exactly, Ronaldo is saying one thing to the English press and another to the Spanish. What this does demonstrate, just from the outset, is the fact that Ronaldo is a shrewd media operator. Not made in the affable “aw, shucks” mold of David Beckham, he is as calculating as any girl you’d see on the Hills.

A) He really does want to leave. If Ronaldo really does want to go, it’s because he thinks he’s accomplished all he can at Manchester United (prem title, league’s best player, Champs league). I think this is bogus because he’s really only had one truly outstanding season and we will find out next year whether this was a one-off or not. He may also want to leave because he thinks he’ s bigger than the club… And I personally don’t think even Cristiano’s narcissism is at that level… Yet.

B) He wants to stay, he just enjoys the attention. This is the one I’m hoping for. I have a feeling that a lot of the media coverage happens to be due to Euro 2008 starting this week and the Spanish and Portuguese press needing something exciting to talk about. He keeps them guessing by playing coy about everything and this may be a subtle way to segue into option C.

C) He wants more money. This is the most likely reason why he’s doing what he’s doing. Abd I can kind of see where he’s coming from with this one as, in his mind, he was being paid the same amount when he was a 15 goals a season man with a few assist here and there. Now he’s racked up almost 50 goals and become the league’s best player. While he is being handsomely rewarded as it is, he is likely looking to become the league’s highest paid player. And there is a legitimate argument for that.

I believe that Fergie is right to come out guns-blazing (or Glazing) when he insists that the team’s owners would happily sit Ronaldo in the stands rather than sell him to Real Madrid just because he wants to spend more time on the beach and become the Spanish Press’ favorite person for the next few months until some Spanish soap star falls off a balcony or gets addicted to coke and everybody forgets about C. Ronaldo and the unimpressive year he’s having adjusting to the monotony and crap that goes on in the Spanish league. I don’t think Real should be reported to UEFA, but I do think they are crossing the line a bit by using their proxies at the Marca to unsettle Cristiano and keep the media attention on him. If he wants to leave, I think it will take a cool 150 million pounds to force the move. I think the Glaziers are that stubborn. And good on them for that. A PLC would jump at the chance to sell Ronaldo for 70 million. The Glaziers simply don’t have to think that way, luckily enough for us United fans.


Complete Match Highlights as Manchester United Defeat Barcelona 1-0 To Ensure an All English Champions League Final

April 30, 2008

My previous post today had just Scholesy’s goal. This one has the full match highlights. If it goes down, check this link.

Apologies for not being in English. Although this does sound like a good language to rap in.

Champions League Preview: Manchester United Against Barcelona at Old Trafford

April 29, 2008

Well, it’s about an hour and  a half until kick-off and this is about as nervous as I’ve been all season. I really think this is our season-defining match coming up here and this is my reason why- we’re in the middle of our shittiest run of form of the entire season. In the past few weeks we’ve dropped more points and put in some of the worst performances I’ve seen since the Van Nistelrooy era. Granted, there has been some unbelievably dodgy referring in the past while, but it can’t be the only excuse. The team has failed to put points on the board when it mattered. As of now, our season peaked when Hargreaves put us ahead against Arsenal. It’s been pretty much downhill from there.

Rooney and Vidic are two big question marks. Vidic’s absence has shown just how important he has become to our team. Ferdinand gets most of the credit, but Nemanja seems to be the one that makes the real difference. He isn’t as error prone as Rio and knowledge that he is guarding the backline seems to give players like Ronaldo, Rooney and Hargreaves the ability to get forward and create scoring chances. That’s been our biggest problem the past few games. If United can go out tonight and create 15 really good scoring opportunities, we will convert two of them and win the game. United have to attack and not leave it to the second half.

The optimal scenario, for me anyway, is for us to snake an early goal and then draw Barcelona onto us, but we will need somebody up front to hold up the ball and wait for the defenders. Barcelona play a real pressure-cooker style of defense with men closing you down on the ball as soon as you get it. In terms of positional sense and man-marking Barca aren’t as good, but they close down well and it seemed to affect us in the last game. Barca will definitely be up for this one, the Champions League is really all they have left at this point.

Ronaldo shouldn’t start up front, he needs to come in off the wing. I think Tevez can really be the game-breaker today. He is the footballing equivalent of a power forward in basketball (albeit he’s about 5″ 8). His presence can upset defenders and draw them out of position. Additionally, he boasts the best ability in the league to go from top speed to a complete stop and he uses this to his advantage in games when he sets the tone. Tevez can Barca a new asshole with his runs and ability to hold up the ball. Working closely in tandem with Anderson, whose battling presence will be required to stifle Barca’s midfield, Tevez will create opportunity for Ronaldo to arrive late in danger areas and play the crucial ball at the crucial moment. At least that’s how I see it anyway.

I don’t see it going to extra time. Worst case scenario is Barca scoring early and then parking 10 men behind the ball. Don’t know if they’d be able to hold that, but I’m also unsure whether we could score two. An early goal will set the tone tonight. I just hope we’re the ones that get it.

Champions League Preview: Manchester United Tussle With Barca at Camp Nou

April 23, 2008

Well, this is it. I would say that this is quite arguably United’s biggest game of the season. While many will argue that this weekend’s encounter with the chav’s is more urgent to us retaining the Premier League, I think that this game could very well provide an accurate barometer as to whether this current Man United team rate up there with the all-time greats. Fergie has been throwing around the word’s “Hall of Fame” with resounding frequency as of late and you know that he wouldn’t be disparaging the great history of the club by throwing those comments around. This is a serious team and tonight’s game is serious business.

I don’t think Vidic will start tonight. That seems to be the big narrative on the way in and, frankly, it’s not a bad one to have. Barcelona are in veritable free-fall as of late and they have lost some games in La Liga against some mediocre opposition. If Man United are on song, I am confident that we can carry a 2-0 or even 3-1 lead back to Old Trafford.

Look for Hargreaves to be dispatched in his newfound attacking role, although I have a feeling he will be doing some tracking back to help nullify Barcelona’s central midfield. Anderson will also be deployed in the center of the pitch and his combative nature, combined with just how difficult he is to knock off the ball, looks like it could cause Barca some serious problems. Evra will be lined up with Leo Messi so watch for a more defensive option on the left side of midfield.

Rio will be tracking Henry, mark my words. These two have tangled before on numerous occasions and I think that Henry will be looking to this game as a way of reviving his goalscoring form (the logic being familiar opposition) but I’m confident that Rio will come out on top. This Man United team is much different than the ones that Henry played against. The experience of Gary Neville will also be extremely important. Look for Silvestre to fill in for Vidic as Brown is injured. Pique should be on the bench.

I think Barca’s shaky defense, exacerbated by Puyol’s absence, will prove their undoing.

If Ronaldo wants to put that big games bullshit to rest, tonight is the night to do it. Watch for a Man of the Match performance flying out of the right hand side of midfield.

Manchester United Transfer Rumor: All signs point to Tevez

July 5, 2007

It looks like the Argentinian who kept West Ham up last year could be the final piece of Fergie’s puzzle. With the BBC and the Daily Mail pretty much stating that the deal has been ongoing for several weeks, it looks to be heading towards a conclusion shortly.

I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m well aware that the deal could fall apart at any time. Especially since Football 365 has said that no discussions have taken place. Who’s telling the truth here?

To be honest, you really couldn’t ask for a better player than Tevez to be coming to the club. My only real hesitancy is based on the details surrounding the players registration. If the deal is above board and the words Kia and Joorabchian are nowhere on this contract I will be a happy person.

Tevez could easily be the final piece of the pie and him linking up with Rooney on a consistent basis is absolutely tantalizing. Say what you will Scouse, but Tevez is proven Premiership quality- Torres still has it all to prove. I know it is the most bandied about statement regarding a new signing but here I go… “With the service he’ll get…”

How does next years starting 11 look now?

Van Der Sar

Neville Vidic Ferdinand Evra
Ronaldo Anderson Nani
Rooney Tevez

Holy fucking crap that is a hot lineup.

Revealed! Manchester United New Home Jersey 07/08 By Nike

June 15, 2007

After an extremely lengthy period of heresay and speculation, photos of the new Manchester United Jersey has actually been leaked for real. It was a very speculative couple of weeks that literally had andrewisahater fuelling this internet rumor. In fact, we even had the guy who photoshopped the jersey reveal himself right in our comments section below.

So, a photo of the actual jersey is right here (straight from the back pages of the Sun newspaper)



When you actually look at the new jersey, you realize that dude who made the fake one below had actually guessed pretty much right. Good for him. The only mistake, apparently, is the lack of vertical stripe going down the back and to be honest I think that’s a bunch of Spanish League bullshit anyway. If you want the truth, I like the jersey, but I almost feel as though its a bit too safe.

I’m actually wearing the 2006 kit as I type this out and I will miss my white trim. My ultra-hot gf, who is a fashion student, says its quite sharp (the old one, not the new one) and I kinda get the feeling that the new one is a bit plain. But it’s all good- at least they didn’t go and do something stupid like make the jersey green or yellow or some crazy shit like that.

And have you cats heard that Rooney has now changed jersey numbers and is officially wearing the club’s famous #10 from now on? Incredible! All the more reason to buy a new one.

Man U’s new home strip