Purdue pharma admits white lies. Lines up $600 million fine.

May 10, 2007


The makers of Oxycontin, a mainstay of cancer patients and fratboys alike, have pled guilty to knowingly promoting the drug as less dangerous and less powerful than it actually is. They argued that since it contained a time release coating, it was safer and less likely for abuse than Vicodin. Obviously nobody did any real research (or any research they did must have been covered up) because people will hork this shit up their noses until their body gets so friggin’ down that their heart is too lazy to breathe. That’s how you die from Oxycontin. That would fuckin’ suck.

Oxy’s exploded in rural America because if you live in a backwoods part of Appalachia you probably can’t get any actual illegal drugs unless you’ve got supreme hook-ups. Instead, people do what they’ve always done, get high off of what’s around them, in this case Grandma’s painkillers for that new hip she just got installed. How many people died from Oxycontin? How many people fucked up their lives because they just love mainlining pain medication? Think about it- the guys who own the company mistated its potential for addiction and then undertook a massive marketing blitz, as the NYT article says (in reference to the claim that it was less addicting than Vicodin) “That claim became the lynchpin of the most aggressive marketing campaign ever undertaken by a pharmaceutical company for such a drug. Just a few years after the drug’s introduction in 1996, annual sales reached $1 billion. Purdue Pharma heavily promoted OxyContin to doctors like general practitioners who had little training in the treatment of serious pain or in recognizing signs of drug abuse in patients.”  

They should go down hard for this. Really hard. This, in some ways, is almost more irresponsible than Enron (yeah, I know its a bold claim, but give me a second to elaborate). Essentially, they unleashed a whacko concoction of opiates that was basically synthetic heroin and told all the doctors “No, no, fuck, it’s fine. Just give ‘er.”

Want to see what somebody who is really fucked up on oxycontin looks like? Check out this champ I found on Youtube. How dilly‘ed is this guy?

So, why is this worse, in ways, than Enron? Because Enron, at the end of the day, was about money. This is about lives in a much more direct way. Doctors are some of the last people we can trust. But why do you think a nurse is statistically trusted more than a doctor? Because of shit like this. Enron was a bunch of suits shifting a bunch of money around and fucking with de-regulated energy markets (they even tried to trade internet bandwidth WTF!), but this was Purdue Pharma (check out their shitty website here) knowingly distributing a dangerously addicting drug on the population, but still telling doctor’s it was safe. Why do you think people rob pharmacies? To steal Flintsone vitamins and fuckin’ US Magazine?

Check out this rap song called Oxy Cotton by dirty souf rapper Lil Wyte. Promoting weed and such is one thing but promoting oxycontin abuse is a tad irresponsible. He can do what he wants, I’m not saying he can’t do it. I’m just sayin’ its bad form, you know? Still, anybody who’d take advice from Lil Wyte is a bit of a tard. Anyways, here’s the video.

Speaking of tards, I apologize that its just some home made video made by some 15 year old pimply-faced puke. But didja listen to the song? How bad is that? Yeesh, “…did 11 percocets…” I mean… two or three is one thing. But 11? You’re gonna be Get Get Down by Paul Johnson.

Anyways, wow, scandal. I think so. I guess it shows what happens when you let certain types of people get involved in the healthcare industry.