Video Highlights: The 07/08 Manchester United Goals of the Year Featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez, Owen Hargreaves, Nani, Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes

May 13, 2008

The end of the season always means a flurry of new lists and commentary where people try to talk up their choices for the best goal of the season. It seems like this year, there hasn’t been much debate about it. Ronaldo’s incredible freekick against Portsmouth encapsulates the brilliance that CR7 has banged out consistently this season. Observe.


You listen to the announcers chuckling and that’s when you realize… that’s all you can really do. Better than Beckham. Here’s what he had to say about it.


While some may not agree, I think that this next one here was the definition of why United won the title: free-flowing football and lethal finishing. Watch this combination from Rooney and Tevez. I would say that their partnership is one of the most interesting and dynamic in the world. After this one, there was no doubt that these two would thrive alongside each other.


Speaking of Tevez, here’s another gem from his performance against Birmingham. The pass from Cristiano Ronaldo is testament to how every attacking player on our team can score and pass at a world-class level.


No goals of the season list would be complete without Wayne Rooney. In off the post for his first of the season.


So now we’ve got Hargreaves against Arsenal. Everybody thought this was coming from Ronaldo, but Hargreaves pops up to score one of the most important goals of the season.


Here’s another Ronaldo free-kick and this one comes against his boyhood club, Sporting Lisbon. Notice how he doesn’t celebrate, a true professional, he doesn’t forget his roots.


Here we’ve got Scholesy’s magic strike to make the difference in the Barcelona tie. We did what needed to be done and ground out a tough, Chelsea-like victory over three hours of high-energy football. Magic stuff.


Nani’s first wonderstrike. A sign of things to come once he sorts out his temperment.


Nani’s second wonderstrike.


Ronaldo knocks the wind out of himself with this one, but this was definitely the header of the season. Incredible stuff.


Video Highlights: Manchester United Secure the 07/08 English Premier League Title!

May 11, 2008

Well, it’s done and dusted. I hereby declare this the greatest season in the history of the English Premier League. And appropriately enough, United have come out on top. Excuse me for a second here….


*shaky dance*

I really can’t express my pleasure at knowing Chelsea couldn’t finish the job at Bolton. How many times have the chavs allowed last second goals to demote wins to draws? I would say at least five times this season and that, my friends, is why Ronaldo & Co. hoisted the trophy and wore ridiculous chapeau’s.

I’m gonna be back later on to write up a full season in review and then in the build up to the Champions League Final I’m going to be putting together some lengthy run downs on individual players.

We did it. We are the best. Not on goal difference, but points.

Moscow. Looms. Large.

And if the vids go down, check out 1000

Complete Match Highlights as Manchester United Defeat Barcelona 1-0 To Ensure an All English Champions League Final

April 30, 2008

My previous post today had just Scholesy’s goal. This one has the full match highlights. If it goes down, check this link.

Apologies for not being in English. Although this does sound like a good language to rap in.

Video Highlights: Manchester United Expose Arsenal As The Frauds That They Are Plus a Special Thanks to

April 13, 2008

I just finished watching what was arguably our most gutsy performance of the year. I’ve been in Whistler at the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival this week and for some reason, I was having a bitch of a time getting the game over Sopcast or TVUPlayer… None of the hotels digital cable channels seemed to be showing it, until I found the live broadcast from The Score HD… You guys saved me this week and I really do have to give respect to all the people behind the scenes at Canada’s best sports network. Thanks for having the foresight to show a good game (I’m talking to you Sportsnet, Fulham-Reading…. captivating…)

Anyways, I have to be honest, I thought for some time that Arsenal are an embarrassment to our league and it was effectively validated today. The amount of diving, gamesmanship, shirt-pulling and out-and-out cheating was so obvious that I think any Arsenal fan needs to have a long look in the mirror and ask themselves why, or even how, they could support such a petulant team. Your goal shouldn’t have counted, Adebayor was cheating and he knew it. Luckily for them, Arsenal had a 12th man today in the referee who was giving every single borderline call Arsenal’s way and in many cases allowed Arsenal to basically dictate the call. My example was the corner that was given midway through the second half. The referee had effectively ruled a goal kick and then every Arsenal player threw up their arms and shouted and the referee REVERSED HIS CALL. That is unacceptable. I don’t care if the referee was wrong, if they made the call, they shouldn’t be allowed to reverse it. When a team can plead with the referee and get the calls they want, it throws the credibility of the game into question. Adebayor should also have been given a straight red for his dangerous and cynical tackle on Anderson. It was from behind, it was late, it was two footed and studs were showing. He hooked his feet around Anderson and put both boots directly into Anderson’s right ankle. That was a deliberate attempt to injure a fellow professional and the referee only gave a yellow, no wonder Hargreaves was furious. How can Arsenal fans continue to support this? They are a truly pathetic bunch and deserved exactly what their mark asses got today.

However, even with all the cheating and soft calls, Arsenal were beaten by a much better team. I will acknowledge that Arsenal have skill and they have some quality players, they have their own attacking style but their accomplishments there are undermined by their cynicism and petulance. They are an embarrassment to football and a stain on the credibility of the English Premier League. Wow they beat a Milan side with an average age of 65. Good for them. They couldn’t even beat Liverpool.

And what of Hargreaves? Absolutely unfucking believable what he pulled today. I think that was a vintage Manchester United goal and Hargreaves took the shot so well. We were all waiting for a shot from Ronaldo (doubtlessly, Jens Lehmann was) and Hargreaves just hooked it over the wall and into the left side of the goal. His celebration capped his greatest week in his career. While he always possessed defensive solidity, his attacking prowess and sheer technical ability are above and beyond most of the players in England. He is the definition of a complete player and he is a better player than David Beckham ever was (except for England against Greece) and I will argue that with anybody. If a team is going to win the title these days, in the climactic stage of the season, they need their middling players to step up and become outstanding players. Hargreaves is a future United legend. Observe.

Van Der Sar was the man of the match. Our defense looked shaky and I don’t think Pique is ready yet after watching him today. I think Silvestre is a better, more experienced option at this vital stage of the season.
VDS came up with some huge saves (some of which were from our own team) and he showed safe hands all the way. He deserves a Champions League and Premier League double and he is an absolute rock for us. Why oh why did Fergie sign Barthez over Van Der Sar back around the turn of the century?

And Ronaldo. What to say of him? His penalty was so cheeky and full of confidence that you know Jens Lehmann will never forget the look on Ronaldo’s face. That stutter step and complete stop… A penalty so nice, he took it twice. Lehmann even guessed right both times and couldn’t keep the ball out of the net. I will acknowledge that Lehmann is better than Almunia… Kind of, anyway.

Chelsea will beat Wigan tomorrow and it all comes down to April 26 now. If we win all of our games from here on out, we’re set. If we beat Chelsea, it’s over. Even if we lose or draw, we are still ahead on goal difference. How cool would it be for us to meet them in the Champions League Final as well?

United ensured that we remained in the drivers seat today with a performance that wasn’t perfect, but was effective. Arsenal got their just desserts.

Owen brace seals the deal as England beat Russia 3-0! Video highlights and full match reaction

September 12, 2007


Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post but the past few weeks are over and done with, so let’s get back on with the football.

In the past six days, England have single-handedly saved their qualification for Euro 2008. Things were looking especially bleak leading into the Israel game and we should all be giving Steve Mclaren credit where credit is due- his gambles worked and effectively saved his job. I think England have now learned the benefit of using players who are in-form, not just the best 10 players from the big four plus Paul Robinson.

Think about it- the three key players (aside from the abso-fucking-lutely talismanic Steven Gerrard)  were Michael Owen, Emile Heskey and Gareth Barry. Those three play for Newcastle, Wigan and Aston Villa for christ’s sake yet we still spanked the Russians. Owen’s second goal was world class.
These past two games could have seriously damaged Frank Lampard’s guaranteed place in the side and as well they should have. Many of us have long suspected that Gerrard and Lampard effectively cancel each other out, and the injection of Gareth Barry into a more central “playmakers” role suited him perfectly. And to be honest, I’m not the biggest Frank Lampard fan, but I actually like the concept of keeping him on the bench for a while, possibly bringing him on as an impact substitute if things aren’t going our way in the last 30 minutes or so. Personally, the idea of Gerrard-Barry and Lampard-Hargreaves sounds like two great midfield partnerships.

John Terry likes to yell a lot, but I’ve never been a fan of captain’s leading from the back. I think Gerrard should have been given the England captaincy.

Micah Richards and Shawn Wright-Phillips are going to provide space and penetration down the right flank for the next 3 World Cups, at least. With these two, we have something that we never had with England coming down the flanks- genuine width. Richards is so good at unsettling defenders with his well-timed runs and overlaps that I think he has been extremely key to our victories in the past two games. Additionally, he is a bit of an unknown quantity on the international scene (one of the benefits of being a City player) and it was obvious over the past two games that both teams did not know what to expect from Richards. They both payed the price.

We now top our group and lead on goal difference. Steady lads. True British grit will see us scrape into another International tournament. Let’s just hope that Steve Mclaren has learned that form doesn’t lie.

All the goal highlights are available right here! It’s good to be back guys.

PS: Rooney trained with the Manchester United side today and could be on the bench against the Toffees this weekend.

Manchester United Transfer Rumor: All signs point to Tevez

July 5, 2007

It looks like the Argentinian who kept West Ham up last year could be the final piece of Fergie’s puzzle. With the BBC and the Daily Mail pretty much stating that the deal has been ongoing for several weeks, it looks to be heading towards a conclusion shortly.

I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m well aware that the deal could fall apart at any time. Especially since Football 365 has said that no discussions have taken place. Who’s telling the truth here?

To be honest, you really couldn’t ask for a better player than Tevez to be coming to the club. My only real hesitancy is based on the details surrounding the players registration. If the deal is above board and the words Kia and Joorabchian are nowhere on this contract I will be a happy person.

Tevez could easily be the final piece of the pie and him linking up with Rooney on a consistent basis is absolutely tantalizing. Say what you will Scouse, but Tevez is proven Premiership quality- Torres still has it all to prove. I know it is the most bandied about statement regarding a new signing but here I go… “With the service he’ll get…”

How does next years starting 11 look now?

Van Der Sar

Neville Vidic Ferdinand Evra
Ronaldo Anderson Nani
Rooney Tevez

Holy fucking crap that is a hot lineup.

Shock Transfer: Manchester United confirm signings of Nani and Anderson (with videos)

May 30, 2007


 While I was hoping the deal would go through sometime this summer, I had no idea that Fergie and Co. were this far along in the potential signing of Nani. Unbelievable to know that we’ve picked up Anderson as well. Avid Football Manager players are well aware of Nani’s left-wing charms, his signature doubtlessly made easier by Manchester United’s affiliation with Sporting Lisbon (which stems, I might add, from the purchase of one Cristiano Ronaldo).


Imagine the United midfield next year when we’ve got two Portuguese wonderboys running at defences for 90 minutes a game.  Consider the damage that could be done if these two International team-mates can switch flanks at will? The attention that will have to be paid to those two by defenders means more opportunities for Rooney to get it done up the middle.

While I don’t know much about Anderson, we’ll be able to get a better look at him during Brazil’s performances at the Copa America.

Can’t have a post without some video perusals, so why not check out these highlights I cobbled together of Manchester United’s newest aquisitions.

Here’s some Nani action, fast forward this one about 30 seconds past the stupid intro. This kid’s got some skill.

This one announces Anderson as the new Ronaldinho Gaucho. Considering we missed out on the real one, let’s hope this guy is right.