Referee denies legitimate goal in Gold Cup semi-final to give America 2-1 win over Canada

June 22, 2007


After letting in two crappy goals in three crappier minutes, Canada almost achieved the impossible by fighting back against the U.S.A in the gold cup semi final. Well, actually we did achieve it, but the referee and the linesmen conspired to gift America the win by denying Canada’s LEGITIMATE injury time goal that would have evened it up at 2-2 forcing golden goal extra time. Absolutely disgraceful. The ball clearly was headed down by the Americans into the path of Atiba Hutchinson who slotted home, while he was initially in an offside position, the Americans played him onside by heading the ball into his path. Further replays showed that the Canadian was in line with the American defense. But still, they ruled it offside. There was simply no way America was going to be allowed to lose that game.

Seemingly determined to give America the win in front of their home crowd, the referee offered soft calls on the Americans all night long. The one exception being the yellow for Landon Donovan’s disgustingly cynical simulation, which if you ask me should have been a straight red. Another straight red should have been shown to Bocanegra in the eleventh minute for the tackle which wound up sending Julien De Guzman literally head over heels. By the way, the challenge was two-footed and studs-up. Straight red in my opinion. The red card finally did come out in the 88th minute, but come on… As if that wasn’t long overdue.
If you ask me, the tournament officials would have been pretty pissed off if America had lost this game. I mean, this is their tournament to win and its on home soil… Once the videos hit youtube I’ll make sure I post them so we can all see how America was gifted their spot into the finals.

The final game of the 2007 Gold Cup is no longer legitimate. Fact.


Julian De Guzman is better in real life than Football Manager – check out Canada’s highlights

June 7, 2007

Canada upset Costa Rica last night 2-1 in Gold Cup action in Miami. While I am very familiar with the exploits of the De Guzman boys from football manager I didn’t really have any idea just how good Julian De Guzman really is. That is, until I tuned in to the live broadcast of Canada vs. Costa Rica last night.

Costa Rica were in the last world cup and have a few somewhat decent teams, namely Deportivo Saprissa. That’s who most of their national team seems to play for and I think all of them played for the club at one point or another.

As you can imagine, with our one world cup appearance, Canada was understandably the underdog in this match and while we had put together a couple of good chances early on, once we went down 1-0 I thought that was it. Until Julian De Guzman took the game by the scruff of the neck and produced a Steven Gerrard-like talismanic performance.

De Guzman took the ball from the kick off, played it down field, fired a thirty-yard screamer and gave Canada an instant equalizer- the tico’s looked shell-shocked.

But that was just the beginning of the De Guzman show. He scored a beautiful Paul Scholes like long range shot where he takes on four defenders or so right there in Scholesy’s office. You know the 10 yards or so from the outside of the box?

While some good keeping, the competent defending of Paul Stalteri and Dwayne De Rosario constantly unsettling the Costa Rican defence Canada came out on top and pulled off a sick upset.

So, what would a day on Andrewisahater be like without a highlight reel. Check out the goals for yourself (and I’ve included a video of De Guzman’s sick panna).

Goal #1

Check out this sweet move.

“De Guzman… De Guzman… De Guzman… DE GUZMAAAAAAAANNNNN!”