Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving Manchester United? Don’t Bet on It

June 2, 2008

The whole Ronaldo thing is really quite simple and there’s three different ways it’s going to get resolved. All of them depend on the motivation of why, exactly, Ronaldo is saying one thing to the English press and another to the Spanish. What this does demonstrate, just from the outset, is the fact that Ronaldo is a shrewd media operator. Not made in the affable “aw, shucks” mold of David Beckham, he is as calculating as any girl you’d see on the Hills.

A) He really does want to leave. If Ronaldo really does want to go, it’s because he thinks he’s accomplished all he can at Manchester United (prem title, league’s best player, Champs league). I think this is bogus because he’s really only had one truly outstanding season and we will find out next year whether this was a one-off or not. He may also want to leave because he thinks he’ s bigger than the club… And I personally don’t think even Cristiano’s narcissism is at that level… Yet.

B) He wants to stay, he just enjoys the attention. This is the one I’m hoping for. I have a feeling that a lot of the media coverage happens to be due to Euro 2008 starting this week and the Spanish and Portuguese press needing something exciting to talk about. He keeps them guessing by playing coy about everything and this may be a subtle way to segue into option C.

C) He wants more money. This is the most likely reason why he’s doing what he’s doing. Abd I can kind of see where he’s coming from with this one as, in his mind, he was being paid the same amount when he was a 15 goals a season man with a few assist here and there. Now he’s racked up almost 50 goals and become the league’s best player. While he is being handsomely rewarded as it is, he is likely looking to become the league’s highest paid player. And there is a legitimate argument for that.

I believe that Fergie is right to come out guns-blazing (or Glazing) when he insists that the team’s owners would happily sit Ronaldo in the stands rather than sell him to Real Madrid just because he wants to spend more time on the beach and become the Spanish Press’ favorite person for the next few months until some Spanish soap star falls off a balcony or gets addicted to coke and everybody forgets about C. Ronaldo and the unimpressive year he’s having adjusting to the monotony and crap that goes on in the Spanish league. I don’t think Real should be reported to UEFA, but I do think they are crossing the line a bit by using their proxies at the Marca to unsettle Cristiano and keep the media attention on him. If he wants to leave, I think it will take a cool 150 million pounds to force the move. I think the Glaziers are that stubborn. And good on them for that. A PLC would jump at the chance to sell Ronaldo for 70 million. The Glaziers simply don’t have to think that way, luckily enough for us United fans.


Champions League Preview: Manchester United Faces Off Against the Thugs from AS Roma

April 1, 2008

I really think that the scenes were saw at Rome’s Stadio Olympico last year were amongst the most disgraceful you will ever see in football. To think that the Eye-Talians lined up  a bunch of fucking riot police against  our own support while their murderous ultras were being supervised by a bunch of pansy-looking stewards… I mean, if you actually watch some of the footage from the riot closely, you can see that some of the “police” are wearing jeans, t-shirts, and trainers under their riot gear. That was a set up, because the Eye-talian ultras are so ingrained in their respective teams culture, that there was definitely complicity and corruption on the part of the Roman police officers… But hey, corruption in Italy?Not like that’s ever happened or anything… Much less with footaball.

Anyways, there was no more poetic justice than getting those greaseballs back to the Theatre of Dreams and literally tearing them a new asshole. 7-1 will go down in history as a sequence of numbers you can say to any true Man United fan and promptly conjure up proud memories. Even Alan Smith scored for Christ’s sake.

So, my predictions today are as follows:

– United to play a 4-5-1 collapsing into a 4-3-3 during counterattacks.

– Roma will get a man sent off for deliberately attempting to injure Cristiano Ronaldo.

– Vidic from a corner.

– Roma to be shut out.

Bold predictions I’m sure. But I have a feeling that things are going to go our way tonight (this afternoon for me. On the west coast of Canada, the game kicks off at 11:45 am). I really can’t call correct score, but I really think that the boys at the back are gonna do the business. If Van Der Sar is in form, I think Roma are in serious danger of being embarrassed again, but this time in front of their home fans. I think they’re really gonna come at us and try to score early and I think it will be their undoing.  I can see them pushing forward in numbers (which because they play with no forwards, opens up their midfield) and then us basically just trying to hit them on the break- which we should be able to do. Manchester United is the world’s greatest counter-attacking side at the moment.

I can see the lads bringing a nice lead back to Old Trafford, but it may not be as easy as I’ve predicted.

Check back for highlights and reaction after the match!

Manchester United may not sign Tevez… yet… So, what now?

July 12, 2007

With the news on the Tevez front getting seemingly more depressing by the day, I can’t help but be the first to ask- what now? Are we even gonna sign the guy? Should we just cut our losses now and try to move for somebody else or are we willing to wait until January or worse, July?

I seriously think Tevez does not want to go back to West Ham and I heard a rumor somewhere that the Hammer’s have already evicted Tevez and the 11 members of his family that live with him from their London hotel and yet the Egg (ert Magnusson) refuses to acknowledge anything about a possible Tevez transfer and it leaves me wondering how much the guy actually knows about football.

Have Man Utd tapped up Tevez inadvertantly? Does this effectively prove Sheffield United’s point that West Ham stayed in the Premiership illegally this term? West Ham insists they own Tevez’s registration and the FA obviously share that opinion, but Kia Joorabchian insists that the deal is going to be done through him and the deal itself is complete. Honestly ask yourself who would know more in this situation- a biscuit-billionaire and his lawyers or Carlos goddamn Tevez and his management people…. I guess what I’m asking is why would Joorabchian and Co. claim to represent Tevez when they don’t (according to West Ham and the FA).  That’s the really sketchy question here…

Man Utd’s people aren’t stupid and they obviously knew who to approach in regards to Tevez’s transfer if you know what I mean.

Does anybody else think that right now there might be a tiny little chance that we might see Paddy Kenny & the rest of the blades back in the Prem next year? I know it’s a long shot, but if this proves that West Ham really never had Tevez’s registration sorted, what would the repercussions be? My guess is either a 30 point points deduction to start the next season or a straight swap with the Blades. How stupid would Neil Warnock look then?

How much would everybody laugh at Craig Bellamy and his Championship-playing-in-ass.

God, so what would happen to Tevez if West Ham got relegated for never having held his registration in the first place, would be even really be eligible for a work permit anymore? Seriously, this thing is extremely onion-like in the peeling off the layers and the stinking and such. But I really do hope Carlos winds up at United, I think he’s just what we need- a proven solo match winner. If he can keep that shitty West Ham squad in the Premership single handedly he can certainly score at least 20 with us next year and obviously he wants to come… His managers want him to come… We all want him at Man U if the deal is above board… It seems like the only people who don’t want to let him leave are West Ham and do you think maybe that’s because they aren’t gonna see any of that 30 million pounds and be out one world-class striker?

Think about it

Referee denies legitimate goal in Gold Cup semi-final to give America 2-1 win over Canada

June 22, 2007


After letting in two crappy goals in three crappier minutes, Canada almost achieved the impossible by fighting back against the U.S.A in the gold cup semi final. Well, actually we did achieve it, but the referee and the linesmen conspired to gift America the win by denying Canada’s LEGITIMATE injury time goal that would have evened it up at 2-2 forcing golden goal extra time. Absolutely disgraceful. The ball clearly was headed down by the Americans into the path of Atiba Hutchinson who slotted home, while he was initially in an offside position, the Americans played him onside by heading the ball into his path. Further replays showed that the Canadian was in line with the American defense. But still, they ruled it offside. There was simply no way America was going to be allowed to lose that game.

Seemingly determined to give America the win in front of their home crowd, the referee offered soft calls on the Americans all night long. The one exception being the yellow for Landon Donovan’s disgustingly cynical simulation, which if you ask me should have been a straight red. Another straight red should have been shown to Bocanegra in the eleventh minute for the tackle which wound up sending Julien De Guzman literally head over heels. By the way, the challenge was two-footed and studs-up. Straight red in my opinion. The red card finally did come out in the 88th minute, but come on… As if that wasn’t long overdue.
If you ask me, the tournament officials would have been pretty pissed off if America had lost this game. I mean, this is their tournament to win and its on home soil… Once the videos hit youtube I’ll make sure I post them so we can all see how America was gifted their spot into the finals.

The final game of the 2007 Gold Cup is no longer legitimate. Fact.

Referee Gifts Champions League to Milan

May 23, 2007

In what was probably one of the worst displays of referee’ing (and overall complicity) I have ever seen, Liverpool were beaten today by the cheats of AC Milan. It should also be noted that I am a Manchester United fan through and through and despise all things Liverpool. However, I know a fair game when I see one and the Champions League Final was definitely far from fair.

First off, who asks a German ref to officiate a game between an English and Italian team? 

While the first goal from Milan was unarguably a beauty I am unconvinced about the second. I clearly feel that there should have been a whistle before Inzaghi put the ball in the net. I also want to draw attention to the fact that the referee decided to end the game with about 30 seconds left in stoppage time. Why was this? Keep in mind that Milan wasted 1:20 seconds with Inzaghi’s fake injury and Seedorf’s crawl to the touchline when he was substituted. If anything, more time should have been added. Did the ref call the game because Liverpool had a throw-in from a dangerous position? It should also be noted that Liverpool were prevented by the referee from making a substitution for over five minutes towards the end of the match. Clearly, the referee is biased against English football and clearly favoured Milan with every single 50/50 call for the entire game.

More shady tactics from Italians. Remember that Milan shouldn’t even be in the competition as they cheated their way to a Champions League Place last year and were convicted of doing so.

Kewell should have stamped in Inzaghi’s cheating head.

‘Pool should have started Crouch instead of Alonso. They needed two up front and as soon as Milan scored their first goal, you knew they were going to sit back on it the whole time.

The game reminds me of why I prefer English football- pace, strength and none of that bullshit Italian cheating that you really can’t get away from anymore. If I have to look at Gennaro Gattuso’s fat fucking head one more time I am going to puke.

Fuck you Milan, bribe your way to a Champions League place and then cheat your way to the title. Classy stuff.

Purdue pharma admits white lies. Lines up $600 million fine.

May 10, 2007


The makers of Oxycontin, a mainstay of cancer patients and fratboys alike, have pled guilty to knowingly promoting the drug as less dangerous and less powerful than it actually is. They argued that since it contained a time release coating, it was safer and less likely for abuse than Vicodin. Obviously nobody did any real research (or any research they did must have been covered up) because people will hork this shit up their noses until their body gets so friggin’ down that their heart is too lazy to breathe. That’s how you die from Oxycontin. That would fuckin’ suck.

Oxy’s exploded in rural America because if you live in a backwoods part of Appalachia you probably can’t get any actual illegal drugs unless you’ve got supreme hook-ups. Instead, people do what they’ve always done, get high off of what’s around them, in this case Grandma’s painkillers for that new hip she just got installed. How many people died from Oxycontin? How many people fucked up their lives because they just love mainlining pain medication? Think about it- the guys who own the company mistated its potential for addiction and then undertook a massive marketing blitz, as the NYT article says (in reference to the claim that it was less addicting than Vicodin) “That claim became the lynchpin of the most aggressive marketing campaign ever undertaken by a pharmaceutical company for such a drug. Just a few years after the drug’s introduction in 1996, annual sales reached $1 billion. Purdue Pharma heavily promoted OxyContin to doctors like general practitioners who had little training in the treatment of serious pain or in recognizing signs of drug abuse in patients.”  

They should go down hard for this. Really hard. This, in some ways, is almost more irresponsible than Enron (yeah, I know its a bold claim, but give me a second to elaborate). Essentially, they unleashed a whacko concoction of opiates that was basically synthetic heroin and told all the doctors “No, no, fuck, it’s fine. Just give ‘er.”

Want to see what somebody who is really fucked up on oxycontin looks like? Check out this champ I found on Youtube. How dilly‘ed is this guy?

So, why is this worse, in ways, than Enron? Because Enron, at the end of the day, was about money. This is about lives in a much more direct way. Doctors are some of the last people we can trust. But why do you think a nurse is statistically trusted more than a doctor? Because of shit like this. Enron was a bunch of suits shifting a bunch of money around and fucking with de-regulated energy markets (they even tried to trade internet bandwidth WTF!), but this was Purdue Pharma (check out their shitty website here) knowingly distributing a dangerously addicting drug on the population, but still telling doctor’s it was safe. Why do you think people rob pharmacies? To steal Flintsone vitamins and fuckin’ US Magazine?

Check out this rap song called Oxy Cotton by dirty souf rapper Lil Wyte. Promoting weed and such is one thing but promoting oxycontin abuse is a tad irresponsible. He can do what he wants, I’m not saying he can’t do it. I’m just sayin’ its bad form, you know? Still, anybody who’d take advice from Lil Wyte is a bit of a tard. Anyways, here’s the video.

Speaking of tards, I apologize that its just some home made video made by some 15 year old pimply-faced puke. But didja listen to the song? How bad is that? Yeesh, “…did 11 percocets…” I mean… two or three is one thing. But 11? You’re gonna be Get Get Down by Paul Johnson.

Anyways, wow, scandal. I think so. I guess it shows what happens when you let certain types of people get involved in the healthcare industry.

Wow, surprise surprise- China helping to prolong the Darfur conflict

May 8, 2007

Although I haven’t looked into it in extreme detail (mostly because I find it endlessly depressing), I have been aware of China’s complicity in Darfur for a few months now. China is a lot more active in Africa than you might think, but it does make sense when you understand just how intense of a pure powerplay this is in terms of Chinese foreign policy. Basically, China is a second-world country emerging as a superpower and has effectively bankrolled America’s spiralling addiction to fiscal deficit and you can see the effects of it here because they use it almost as leverage. America can’t fuck with the Chinese anymore because if they pull the plug (either cash in their holdings or convert to holdings of another currency, the euro for example) America is well and truly fucked and will probably have to invade Venezuela and Alberta just to keep themselves floating into Q4.

You heard it here first.

Meanwhile, back in Darfur, you’ve got janjaweed fighters (the media loves that term because it sounds like it has to do with marijuana, but it actually doesn’t. It would have been a better fit, marketing-wise, if they had been Jamaican) backed up by government soldiers and helicopters, attacking Christian civilians and yeah, I know, you’ve heard the shpiel because you’ve probably watched the Hour.

But what a lot of people don’t know is China’s growing influence in the region and just how interconnected the Chinese are with the Sudanese government in Khartoum. China buys much of Sudan’s oil. Sudan likes Chinese military equipment. Do the math.

Anyways, now we’ve got Amnesty International levelling these accusations against China (and Russia) that they are involved in circumventing a UN arms embargo by shipping weapons, probably through some form in intermediary, to the Sudanese government who, in turn, send them to the militias. Bad news bears if you ask me. Granted, you can’t always believe Amnesty International, but why has China attempted to block sanctions against Sudan? Why has China tried to keep UN Peacekeepers out of Sudan? How can anybody agree with what’s going on there?

Did China get caught with their hand in the pot?

Ask the Janjaweed, they sound like they know something about pot.