English Premier League 08-09 Season So Far

Hey guys,

Been a busy few months for me and now with the transfer window fully shut we can actually get onto the proper season. United finally got their man in Berbatov and Ronaldo turned out to stay at Old Trafford just as I suspected he would. The Red devils are more or less where I figured they would be at this point in the season although I wish a UEFA Super Cup would have been added to our trophy room. Since we’ve got a bit of a Premier League break for the next while, thanks to the International Call-Ups this weekend, it offers up a pretty good chance to review the season so far.

Manchester City

This is the topic on pretty much everybody’s mind right now. The Abu Dhabi consortium definitely took out their wang and attempted to flash it to everybody in the footballing world- the equivalent to being at a bar with your mates and whipping out your unit going “Look at this one fuckers, top this!” While your thing may be bigger than others you’re still acting like a giant cock. If you catch my drift.

Sure they managed to land Robinho, a player with an accomplished step-over, but not much else aside from a burgeoning bank balance. Even Pele criticized this kid for moving and just yesterday he seemed to be confused as to which team he actually plays for. 

I’m not afraid of Manchester City as they literally have to finish in the top 4 this season to have any shot at attracting the high caliber of player they can afford. It reminds me of when you use the editor on Football Manager and give your favourite team an unlimited budget, but you still can’t make top players sign for you because you’re not offering European football. Simple math and the Arabs have a tougher run-in than they are acknowledging. 

Keegan and Curbs

Keegan’s news just came through the wires and it is hardly surprising. In this modern world of high-stakes football transfers it is becoming increasingly apparent that both budgets and control are walking factors for football managers. I knew Keegan wouldn’t last long once I heard Denis Wise (Denis Wise for christ’s sake) had veto power over literaly everything the man did. I like King Kev, but he is a mediocre manager.

Curbishly hasn’t been able to do anything right since Charlton and that is becoming an increasingly long time ago. Drop the “C” and the “ly” and swicth that “r” and the “u” around and you get Curbishly’s true value, more or less. Paolo Di Canio has expressed interest in taking the job, but he’s still working on his coaching badges. Bring on Slaven Bilic. 

Manchester United

Our start hasn’t been as slow as last season and I’m confident that we will finish on the top again this year provided our big players start showing up on a regular occasion and that Berbatov does the business. I think that he will be an excellent foil to the rest of the team and that he will also free up Wayne Rooney to do what he does best. I think that is probably the most understated part of this excellent deal. Yes, we paid too much for him, but we almost missed out and it could very well have been a case of “what if….” at the end of the season if Berbatov remained a Spurs player. 

I predict big things for Anderson this year. Big big things and I’m also looking forward to finally seeing Manucho in action. 

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one. I’m glad that the sissy game is over and that the race is truly on for the next 8 months.


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