Why Cristiano Ronaldo’s Transfer Could Mean Schweinsteiger and Podolski are Manchester United Bound

I haven’t been able to post in a while as I’ve been busy working on an exciting new football blog project that will be launching in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to bring you more details about that once the time is right. However, I figured I had to weigh in on the status of Cristiano Ronaldo’s seemingly unstoppable transfer to Real Madrid.

I’m not gonna shit on the guy as a player, I can’t belittle his contribution from last year and he is truly one of the world’s greatest players, if not the most exciting. However, if he really wants to alienate the fans, insult our manager and basically turn himself into a pariah during his exit; then he is more than entitled to do so. If we get a fair price for him (the 70 million pound vicinity sounds about right) then I’m more than happy to let him go. If he is willing to piss everybody off in this manner, then the guy must really want it. He could have stayed and become a United legend and truly one of the all-time greats, but it appears as though that doesn’t interest him. I am confident that I know the answer as to why.

He is supposedly now engaged to Nereida Gallardo and I am positive that she has her heart set on becoming one of Spain’s biggest celebrities and that will require Cristiano signing up as the newest, greatest Galactico. Face it, once he shacked up with her, his whole tone changed. Guys will do weird things if it means that they can bang a model on the regular.

If he stays he stays, if he goes he goes, but I would much rather see him leave than stick around and stink up the place or unsettle other members of the team. I am pretty sure that Fergie and the Glaziers have enough pride to not let Madrid get away with what they have been obviously trying to do. We don’t have to sell, Manchester United aren’t a selling club. But I say if he’s going to be a dick about it, then sell him and cash the hell in.

Lukas Podolski is being linked heavily with Tottenham. I think he is exactly the type of striker we’re looking to bring into the side and I wouldn’t be surprised if Fergie was busy in the background trying to make something happen. There hasn’t been a great deal of United transfer news since we missed out on Aaron ‘retard’ Ramsey and I think that may have something to do with Carlos Quieroz’s potential ascension to the Portugal job. I don’t think he will leave, but if he does I would immediately put a bet on Keano as next Man United manager.

Shweinsteiger is a football manager favourite and he will fill Ronaldo’s shoes ably. He is more of a traditional winger but possesses the eye for goal that our style of play requires. Him and Podolski would add some continental class to the United side and it is pretty obvious that they are both looking to GTFO of the Bundesliga ASAP.

If Ronaldo goes, we can fill his shoes with these two and be better off because of it. And I imagine we’ll likely have another 25 million or so kicking around in change. Maybe we could put that towards lowering ticket prices.


2 Responses to Why Cristiano Ronaldo’s Transfer Could Mean Schweinsteiger and Podolski are Manchester United Bound

  1. Lil Gun says:

    Yeah… Ya I agree.. Let Ronaldo Go since he’s not gonna do any good. Bastion Schweinsteiger is a great replacement for Ronaldo.. He proved himself during the EURO 2008 with Germany.

  2. Ram says:

    I feel Ronaldo should honor the Contract, Real madrid is a club which has huge Reputation and at the same time does the Monopoly if they have some player’s on their Radar. Ronaldo, if he is one of the best today is all because of what he has received at old trafford, if The club would not have supported him during the Spat in the worldcup with Wayne, he would have packed his bags long time, but now as a supporter of Red Devil, i doubt if Ronaldo would deliver his best after this incident. He is always been at the top at the same time, he had played a selfish football, lets admit,as long as the team won, we never cared, but this isnt the first time ronaldo’s brain got messed up. We also know for a Fact that Alex, is the Boss and he dominates the player’s, remember David Bechkham Incident..If Ronaldo, is not willing to play for united,if he feels He could Shine very well as a single player rather than the whole unit at Real….For God Sake..Let this Boy Go to Madrid and Get the Fortune cashed in..we have always proved Manutd with or without Ronaldo..is one of the top clubs with great Quality Football..there will always be another Ronaldo …No Player should be held more than the Club itself..it just spoils the Morale of the whole unit….


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