Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving Manchester United? Don’t Bet on It

The whole Ronaldo thing is really quite simple and there’s three different ways it’s going to get resolved. All of them depend on the motivation of why, exactly, Ronaldo is saying one thing to the English press and another to the Spanish. What this does demonstrate, just from the outset, is the fact that Ronaldo is a shrewd media operator. Not made in the affable “aw, shucks” mold of David Beckham, he is as calculating as any girl you’d see on the Hills.

A) He really does want to leave. If Ronaldo really does want to go, it’s because he thinks he’s accomplished all he can at Manchester United (prem title, league’s best player, Champs league). I think this is bogus because he’s really only had one truly outstanding season and we will find out next year whether this was a one-off or not. He may also want to leave because he thinks he’ s bigger than the club… And I personally don’t think even Cristiano’s narcissism is at that level… Yet.

B) He wants to stay, he just enjoys the attention. This is the one I’m hoping for. I have a feeling that a lot of the media coverage happens to be due to Euro 2008 starting this week and the Spanish and Portuguese press needing something exciting to talk about. He keeps them guessing by playing coy about everything and this may be a subtle way to segue into option C.

C) He wants more money. This is the most likely reason why he’s doing what he’s doing. Abd I can kind of see where he’s coming from with this one as, in his mind, he was being paid the same amount when he was a 15 goals a season man with a few assist here and there. Now he’s racked up almost 50 goals and become the league’s best player. While he is being handsomely rewarded as it is, he is likely looking to become the league’s highest paid player. And there is a legitimate argument for that.

I believe that Fergie is right to come out guns-blazing (or Glazing) when he insists that the team’s owners would happily sit Ronaldo in the stands rather than sell him to Real Madrid just because he wants to spend more time on the beach and become the Spanish Press’ favorite person for the next few months until some Spanish soap star falls off a balcony or gets addicted to coke and everybody forgets about C. Ronaldo and the unimpressive year he’s having adjusting to the monotony and crap that goes on in the Spanish league. I don’t think Real should be reported to UEFA, but I do think they are crossing the line a bit by using their proxies at the Marca to unsettle Cristiano and keep the media attention on him. If he wants to leave, I think it will take a cool 150 million pounds to force the move. I think the Glaziers are that stubborn. And good on them for that. A PLC would jump at the chance to sell Ronaldo for 70 million. The Glaziers simply don’t have to think that way, luckily enough for us United fans.


19 Responses to Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving Manchester United? Don’t Bet on It

  1. taylan says:

    i used admire ronaldo a lot bu tnow i do not. he can play their anytime hes got years on him as a ronaldo fan i fink da media unsettled him along with his dikhead agent but whatever init will buy a beta ronaldo hes just another chapter in a massive book dis man u wer not real madrd we will buy a young player make him good we do not buy ready established players like ronaldo. i hope he gets this message “ronaldo u are only who you are because of man u, fergie and the man u fans” hope dat haunts u every nyt u sleep in spain and i hope u remember we all want you to leave now because u through all da faith we had in you wen every1 used to say ronaldo jus dose skills ohh ronaldo loses da ball we always backed u up we wer always der for u we neva let any1 say nuffin about u fergie backed u all da way he made u hu u r and gav eu mental strength wen u winked in the world cup.. sory to say u have da talent undoubtley but u dnt have da heart, passion and respect a true player has e,g, rooney u r destined to fail hope u do

  2. Gregory Lee says:

    i seriously feel that Ronaldo really wNTS TO GO TO rEAL maDRTID. As a Manchester United fan, of course i will be very sad. But then, why does he drag his decision so long? it is not becaUSE he wants Man United to give him a better paid contract, but rather he fears ferguson. i really hope thjat Ronaldo’s heart belongs to Man nited after what Man United has given to him. But wait… One of thje days i heard ronaldo saying sometimes dreams cannot be fufiled, indeed refering to his drea of playing in spain. MAYBE you might be right, he wants to stay with Man Uniterd with a bigger paid salary… if only.

  3. kirsty says:

    I think ronaldo is just after the money but i don’t see why that is as he knows what its like not to have a lot as he didn’t when he was younger. Also i think it has got something to do with his GIRLFRIEND!! Doesn’t he see how much Man Utd have done for him (like when he got Rooney sent off) and how much the fans over here adore him. If he moves to Real i think it will be a really really big mistake because he might not be able to perform for them like he did with us, doesn’t he think that the season just gone could have been a one of season with ALOT OF LUCK!! And i’d laugh my head off if Real were stupid enough to pay £100million for him and then he turns out to be absolutly crap. Like Beckham said during the week he made a big mistake going to Real but i guess Ronaldo doesn’y want to listen to someone that has experienced it and lost out on everything. Hopefully he will change his mind and decide to stay with us for a couple more years. . . But i don’t think were that lucky!!

  4. i though at 1st nah he wont leave but now i do untill i saw in the paper if he leavs THIS SUMMER he will lose 25 million in sponserships ? but who knows ?

  5. liam skinner says:

    i am a great man united fan and ronaldo fan but if he leaves this great team for real madrid then ROT ronaldo

  6. i loved ronnie i thought all we did this season was because of him he was the fucking heart of man u but if he wants to tunr on us after all fergies done for him all i can say is fuck off! every person at manchester loved ronaldo i would pay a million pound if someone went down manchester united and asked if anyone hated ronadlo and somebody said yes but this wouldnt happen everything ronnie is was because of us and fergie and our owners if he wants to throw his life away by moving to real madrid then let him all i can say is when was the last time real won the champs league???? big whoop they’ve won there league for the last 2 or 3 season but before that they were no one barac r the top dogs in that league where’as in the prem man u r the top dogs and will be for ever!!!! long live manchester united out to all the manchester faithful!!!!

  7. Jimmy says:

    You know what, Ronaldo has been my fav player sinc ethat faithfull day against Bolton Wanderers. We (man United, SAF and the FANS) have made him who he is today. After all we have done for him, this is how he repays us! I am one of the biggest Man Utd fans and will not be switching clubs just because my football hero pulls a Beckham. Oh and Michael Henry, I think you would be pleased by what I have said. Even though we want him to stay this is reality. It is something we all have to live with. So Ronaldo, if you move just know that we will all hate you and that crappy club REAL MADRID. The last thing that I want to say is that even if he moves, we have something REAL MADRID don’t have and that is the love for football. LONG LIVE United heros( Rooney, van der Sar, Vidic and Giggs)!!!! Long live United. We will NEVER die. GLORY, GORY MAN UNITED

  8. Just a reminder of an interview ronaldo did before he left for training camp with portugal

    TV interview with BBC after the match and celebrations on the pitch
    BBC TV presenter : Are you going to stay at Man United or are the rumours about you going to Real Madrid, are they true?
    CR : I stay.

    Radio interview with BBC after the match and celebrations on the pitch but before the TV interview

    BBC Radio interviewer: Winning the Champions league..(muttering…).
    CR : Of course, you know, this club has the opportunity to win everything. We show this season we are a great team, we are the best team in Europe, in the Premier league and next season we try to do the same again

    Interviewer: Can you assure Manchester United supporters that you will be here next season?
    CR : Say again?

    Interviewer: Can you assure…you know, can you promise Manchester United supporters that you will be with them next season?

    CR (laughing): I never promise nothing. I dont promise nothing to my mum…I dont promise nothing to the supporters

    Interviewer: But, but, when you say I want…
    CR (cutting off the interviewer): I want to stay, i want to stay, really…Its OK, i want to stay. But the future no one knows, but I want to stay.

    Interviewer : But does there have to be a new contract or something like that?
    CR : I dont know nothing..Nobody speak with me…eh…We are going to see next two weeks, OK?

    Interviewer: But when you say, “I will make a decision”….i mean…that means that?
    CR (cutting off the interviewer): I dont say ” I will make a decision..I dont say…I dont say that…Its the the club take the decision… I dont know…I think…I dont know…

  9. sandeep locknauth says:

    i thought that after wining the champions league ronaldo was gonna stay but he doesn’nt want to stay because he wants to be the best. he thinks going to real madrid will make him famous but that will not happen cause he will be on the bench like arjen robben is one of the best player in the world.if he wants to go then ferguson should let him but the offer should be 10 000000, robiho, sergio ramos and m.diarra. i thinks thats worth it.

  10. sam says:

    i think ronaldo will leve but at the same time i think he dose not wont 2 leve becaus look at wot team he is playing for come on it manchester united the beat team in the world for god sake n like is sed he is not bigger than united he will never be bigger than manchester united not even best was as bigger than manchester united and he is a lot better than ronaldo eneyway look at daved becham he went real madrid and what happend to him he got put on the beach like ronaldo will if he gose ther every one fort the first time we sin ronaldoplay ye this boy mih=ght have something that all the other players dont have but it taken time for hime to get better but he got ther now look at him we pritty much made him wot he is to day and he thinks he can just leve us like that well he is rong all the people at manchester united will fight for him lets just hope to god he is not goin becaus hew have we got that can do all the stuf that ronaldo can do no one ye we have got roony but he only dose good when he is playing with ronaldo he means alot to manchester united and all the fans hell if he wont more money why dond fergy give him a pay rise for god sake then he might stay but if he gose i will hate him hell every one hew sports manchester united will hate him for god sake look at all the tropheys we win n look at hew meny real madrid win ther is a big difrince if he stays he will be come biger n better but ther is no way he will do that at real madrid if he stays long enouth he might even become bigger than gorgey best if he stays for another season i think we might have a chance of winning the treble aghen now think how much publisty he will get from that will like it sed up ther he wonts publisty so if he dose win the treble for manchester united i wonder if that is enout for him he will probly turn round and say thats not enouth bacaus he ia a gready dick if u look at how happy he looks on the picturs from when we wun the champions league he carnt leave manchester uited fuck this if he leaves he leaves nowt we can do well ther is one think we can do is pray for the best and hope he stays come on UNITED TILL I DIE

  11. Scott. H. says:

    i think ronaldo is going to madrid its all about money with that portuguse prick and the new spanish TART hes with. We have looked after him at old trafford us fans love him and fergie has created a genius since he left lisbon to manchester.Go on let us all down just like beckham did and he failed and so will ronnie.COME ON RONALDO U KNOW WHATS RIGHT.

  12. i dont want ronaldo to go
    he is the best player in the world and if he goes i want be happy
    so please stay with united
    if united is your team then stay with united
    i have seported united ever sinse i new what teams there where and i still surport them
    now so dont let your fans down now at stay ay united and do anouther 4 year contract
    please i am coming to meat u soon

  13. hold the red flying high
    cause united will never die
    please do not go

  14. ronaldo palese dont GO

  15. they onlt want you to win more stuff

  16. sean says:

    I am a Manchester United fan and I am very disappointed with Ronaldo. He’s in the middle of his contract and it is just unfair to the club and his fan to see him make these talks of leaving. If he leaves I will be very upset and so will many of the other Manchester fans

  17. Zarak Asim says:

    I am a huge united fan and iam really dissapointed by Ronaldo. He was the best player ever but now he is a big showoff. I wish that he stays in united and play at his best.

  18. James says:

    dont leave man u ronaldo!!!

  19. James says:

    been a fan and hopefully will be drafted to liverpool in a few years. =D

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