Champions League Preview: Manchester United Faces Off Against the Thugs from AS Roma

I really think that the scenes were saw at Rome’s Stadio Olympico last year were amongst the most disgraceful you will ever see in football. To think that the Eye-Talians lined up  a bunch of fucking riot police against  our own support while their murderous ultras were being supervised by a bunch of pansy-looking stewards… I mean, if you actually watch some of the footage from the riot closely, you can see that some of the “police” are wearing jeans, t-shirts, and trainers under their riot gear. That was a set up, because the Eye-talian ultras are so ingrained in their respective teams culture, that there was definitely complicity and corruption on the part of the Roman police officers… But hey, corruption in Italy?Not like that’s ever happened or anything… Much less with footaball.

Anyways, there was no more poetic justice than getting those greaseballs back to the Theatre of Dreams and literally tearing them a new asshole. 7-1 will go down in history as a sequence of numbers you can say to any true Man United fan and promptly conjure up proud memories. Even Alan Smith scored for Christ’s sake.

So, my predictions today are as follows:

– United to play a 4-5-1 collapsing into a 4-3-3 during counterattacks.

– Roma will get a man sent off for deliberately attempting to injure Cristiano Ronaldo.

– Vidic from a corner.

– Roma to be shut out.

Bold predictions I’m sure. But I have a feeling that things are going to go our way tonight (this afternoon for me. On the west coast of Canada, the game kicks off at 11:45 am). I really can’t call correct score, but I really think that the boys at the back are gonna do the business. If Van Der Sar is in form, I think Roma are in serious danger of being embarrassed again, but this time in front of their home fans. I think they’re really gonna come at us and try to score early and I think it will be their undoing.  I can see them pushing forward in numbers (which because they play with no forwards, opens up their midfield) and then us basically just trying to hit them on the break- which we should be able to do. Manchester United is the world’s greatest counter-attacking side at the moment.

I can see the lads bringing a nice lead back to Old Trafford, but it may not be as easy as I’ve predicted.

Check back for highlights and reaction after the match!


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