Manchester United may not sign Tevez… yet… So, what now?

With the news on the Tevez front getting seemingly more depressing by the day, I can’t help but be the first to ask- what now? Are we even gonna sign the guy? Should we just cut our losses now and try to move for somebody else or are we willing to wait until January or worse, July?

I seriously think Tevez does not want to go back to West Ham and I heard a rumor somewhere that the Hammer’s have already evicted Tevez and the 11 members of his family that live with him from their London hotel and yet the Egg (ert Magnusson) refuses to acknowledge anything about a possible Tevez transfer and it leaves me wondering how much the guy actually knows about football.

Have Man Utd tapped up Tevez inadvertantly? Does this effectively prove Sheffield United’s point that West Ham stayed in the Premiership illegally this term? West Ham insists they own Tevez’s registration and the FA obviously share that opinion, but Kia Joorabchian insists that the deal is going to be done through him and the deal itself is complete. Honestly ask yourself who would know more in this situation- a biscuit-billionaire and his lawyers or Carlos goddamn Tevez and his management people…. I guess what I’m asking is why would Joorabchian and Co. claim to represent Tevez when they don’t (according to West Ham and the FA).  That’s the really sketchy question here…

Man Utd’s people aren’t stupid and they obviously knew who to approach in regards to Tevez’s transfer if you know what I mean.

Does anybody else think that right now there might be a tiny little chance that we might see Paddy Kenny & the rest of the blades back in the Prem next year? I know it’s a long shot, but if this proves that West Ham really never had Tevez’s registration sorted, what would the repercussions be? My guess is either a 30 point points deduction to start the next season or a straight swap with the Blades. How stupid would Neil Warnock look then?

How much would everybody laugh at Craig Bellamy and his Championship-playing-in-ass.

God, so what would happen to Tevez if West Ham got relegated for never having held his registration in the first place, would be even really be eligible for a work permit anymore? Seriously, this thing is extremely onion-like in the peeling off the layers and the stinking and such. But I really do hope Carlos winds up at United, I think he’s just what we need- a proven solo match winner. If he can keep that shitty West Ham squad in the Premership single handedly he can certainly score at least 20 with us next year and obviously he wants to come… His managers want him to come… We all want him at Man U if the deal is above board… It seems like the only people who don’t want to let him leave are West Ham and do you think maybe that’s because they aren’t gonna see any of that 30 million pounds and be out one world-class striker?

Think about it


2 Responses to Manchester United may not sign Tevez… yet… So, what now?

  1. IanP says:

    Maybe the whole affair, West Ham’s initial problems with registration and the subsequent transfer to MU, points to dubious business practices in the transfer market. In this affair I doubt if anyone is squeaky clean – particulalry Mr Joorabchian.

  2. tevez is a world super star top striker,best for man united.i love him.

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